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McDonald's Franchise Owners Hope New CEO Will Slash the Chain's Menu

They aren't fans of the McCafe espresso drinks, McWraps, and customized burgers.


Now that McDonald's CEO Don Thompson was successfully ousted this week, franchise owners hope to get rid of most of the chain's menu, too. According to Reuters, they want a more streamlined menu focusing on top selling items like burgers and fries that are speedy to make. McDonald's is facing months of slumping sales and franchisees hope that this will lead to financial prosperity.

Time writes that that franchise owners want to drop the McCafe espresso drinks, which they say don't sell enough to pay for the electricity used by the machines that make them. They also want to reduce the number of Happy Meal options, remove redundant items, and would love to rid the menu of McWraps and other "hard-to-make" items. Another big point of frustration is ex-CEO Thompson's plan to launch customized burger options called "Create Your Taste." Under the program customers would have the option to choose the bread, the number of patties, and toppings like guacamole and grilled mushrooms.

Reuters writes that franchisees are "cautiously optimistic" about Steve Easterbrook, the struggling chain's former Chief Brand Officer who will take over as CEO on March 1. Easterbrook previously "turned around" McDonald's operations in the UK by "Putting the focus back on its burgers and burnishing consumer perceptions about the company."

Hopefully his first order of business will be getting rid of the weird ad campaign meant to emphasize that McDonald's uses real food. Showing that the company's fries are made from potatoes (alongside a slew of chemicals) probably wasn't their brightest idea.