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Starbucks Slings Blue-and-Green Seahawk Frappuccinos Because Sports

Nothing screams "team spirit" quite like a colored Frappuccino.


With the Super Bowl fast approaching, the best way to show team spirit is not by donning sweatshirts and baseball caps, but by drinking things that are the same colors as your team's colors. According to a press release, Starbucks, the Seattle-based coffee giant, is selling a Frappuccino in honor of their home team — the Seattle Seahawks — today through February 2.

The blue-and-green drink features blueberries blended with a vanilla bean Frappuccino that is then topped with a matcha whipped cream. It was invented by a barista who is a "huge Seattle Seahawks fan." The Seahawks Frappuccino will only be available at participating stores in Washington and Oregon, however.

As for Patriot fans? You're out of luck at Starbucks, but you can always go grab a "Belichick Pocket" at the restaurant that renamed everything on its menu after the team.