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A Viking Ship's Worth of Vegan Meatballs Set to Invade Ikea in April

Thanks in part to PETA.

The future palace of meat-less meatballs.
The future palace of meat-less meatballs.

It's official: The vegans have won and Ikea will roll out an animal product-free meatball this year. The flat-pack furniture superstars announced last year that they were developing a vegetarian version of their famed (and affordable) Swedish meatballs. Vegans felt left out however and petitioned hard for a ball everyone could enjoy. According to PETA, the organization's "friendly petition" garnered over 25,000 signatures. PETA writes, "We reminded IKEA that people are making the switch to vegan eating in droves — and offering vegan foods would ensure that all customers leave the store satisfied. We asked our members to support the effort, and more than 25,000 did just that! And it has all paid off!"

Huffington Post writes that the meat-less meatballs will be available in IKEA stores starting in April. They may not have the beefy goodness of the original recipe, but hey, at least they are guaranteed to be horse meat-free.