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Bocuse d'Or — the Olympics-like French culinary competition that takes place every two years in January in Lyon, France — announced its winners today after two days of intense kitchen competition. A total of 24 countries were represented this year. Norway took home the gold; the U.S. won the silver medal; and Sweden took home a bronze for third place. This was the first year the Americans placed higher than sixth in the international competition. The American team was led by Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, and Gavin Kaysen. French Laundry executive sous chef Philip Tessier and his commis Skylar Stover rounded out the American team.

The anticipation had been building all morning:

This year, Chicago-based chef Grant Achatz served as honorary president of the jury.

Earlier this morning, Japan took home the medal for best fish dish, and Finland won for best meat dish. It was the first year that France did not place among the top five awards.

Sweden came in third with a bronze finish:

Here's the American team's reaction to their second place win:

Team U.S.A.'s big name support included Thomas Keller, Grant Achatz, Daniel Boulud, and Gavin Kaysen:

#goforpodium #GoUSA #bocusedorusa #bocusedor #lyon #philliptessier @gavinkaysen @chef_keller @Gachatz

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A photo of Team USA's meat dish, which looks like something out of Star Trek:

Team USA's fish dish:

And Norway, with the top prize:

Last time around, France won the gold, with Denmark in second place, and Japan in third.