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Barbecue Bandit Takes $4,000 Worth of Chicken and Ribs From Restaurant

He also stole fries and an empty cash register.

Shutterstock/Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

Florida police are on the hunt for a brazen thief who robbed a barbecue joint in Jacksonville last week. The suspect in question stole over $4,000 from Jerome Brown BBQ, but not in cold hard cash. No, no, this hungry thief relieved the restaurant of thousands of dollars worth of chicken, ribs, fries, and wings. WJCL writes that he also stole an empty cash register for some unknown reason.

Ever the bold thief, he did this all in a memorable sweatshirt with "Hilfiger" emblazoned across it in large capital letters. While the robber may be feasting, the restaurant's manager tells ABC News that "the incident that happened hurts everybody...[including] employees, managers, and the business owner." They are asking that if anyone knows who the suspect is, they turn him in.

Unfortunately, restaurant robberies are an all too common occurrence. Just last month, thieves stole $300,000 in fine wines from the the revered French Laundry in California. Together the thieves can throw what would be the ultimate Super Bowl party.

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