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French Court Bans 'Nutella' As Baby Name

This is nuts.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

This week, a French court stopped parents from naming their daughter Nutella. She will be called Ella instead. The judge ruled that the name 'Nutella,' as the name of a common spread, "is contrary to the child's interest... [and] can only lead to teasing or disparaging thoughts."

Disparaging thoughts?! About Nutella? Impossible. Nutella is a perfect food.

This is apparently not the first time parents in France tried to name their kid after a food item. A couple once tried to name their child Fraise, which means strawberry in French. A judge ruled against that couple as well.

On the contrary in the U.S., parents have no problem naming their children after food items. Kale is a newly popular name for boys and girls.