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Burger King Hands Customer Thousands of Dollars Instead of Chicken Sandwich

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It's definitely more waistline-friendly.


For one New Hampshire woman, the decision to eat fast food resulted in some fast cash. According to the Associated Press, Janelle Jones stopped at a Burger King drive-thru last Friday and, after receiving her order, was surprised by the contents of the take-out bag. Instead of a spicy chicken sandwich and sweet tea, there was $2,631 in cold hard cash. Jones tells the Foster Daily Democrat that she went home to talk to her husband Matthew about what to do. Upon examining the bag closer, they found that it was filled with two bank deposit pouches and a loose $100 bill.

Matthew Jones admits that the couple "considered the possibility of keeping the money" but decided against it due to their religious beliefs: Jones and his wife are Jehovah's Witnesses and he believes that "Jehovah sees everything." The couple returned the cash to the Burger King shortly after. Is is unclear if Jones ever received the chicken sandwich and tea she originally ordered.

Surprisingly, Burger King isn't the first fast food chain to hand a customer cash instead of their meal. In 2013, an employee of a McDonald's in Tennessee accidentally gave a drive-thru customer thousands of dollars in cash — also intended for the bank — in place of the breakfast they ordered. As was the case at the New Hampshire Burger King, the customer in question quickly returned the money. Maybe fast food restaurants should invest in bank deposit bags so as to avoid confusion in the future.

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