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'City of Gold' Trailer Shows Legendary Critic Jonathan Gold at Work

The film premieres at Sundance Film Festival tomorrow night.

City of Gold/Facebook

It surprised almost no one when LA-based Pulitzer Prize-winning restaurant critic Jonathan Gold unmasked his anonymity late last week: City of Gold, the documentary from filmmaker Laura Gabbert about the life and times of Mr. Gold, will be released at Sundance Film Festival tomorrow, and Mr. Gold is the face and star of the film.

Gabbert credits her love for Los Angeles with the discovery of Jonathan Gold's long-time column Counter Intelligence: "The film is in some sense a love letter to Los Angeles... but it's also about how we live... in a post-modern city. The sprawl, the the diversity, the complexity of it, and how we can discover and find compatibility with other cultures through food."

Of course, the film also goes through Gold's process of writing a review, "the rigor," as Gabbert says, and "the role of a critic" in a city as diverse as LA.

In a new clip from the film, watch Jonathan Gold at his desk, composing a review for a food truck called Guerrilla Tacos.