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Tex-Meth Restaurant Discovered in Coachella

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The owner and employee were arrested for running an alleged narcotics ring.

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The owner and an employee of a Mexican restaurant in Coachella, Calif. are being accused of running a meth ring within the eatery. According to KESQ, Lorena Gonzalez and her employee Jose Navarro were arrested last week and will be "charged with narcotics for sale, conspiracy, and selling within 1,000-feet of a school." The two have not been arrested yet because both have "preexisting medical condition[s]" that have kept them in the hospital.

The drugs were found after the restaurant, Las Flores, was shut down by the Health Department. It was during a routine health inspection that authorities discovered the meth. Gonzalez didn't appear to be too concerned about her new legal troubles: This week, she left a note on the door of the restaurant saying that it would reopen the last week of January. KESQ writes that when they attempted to investigate the matter further, their crew was threatened.

Los Flores isn't the first restaurant to be involved in a meth ring. A taco truck in Colorado served the drug up as a side. Authorities noted that "customers could literally walk up to a food truck and order a side of meth with their taco." While a restaurant in Oregon did not sell meth, a customer attempted to tip their server with the drug. Check out the local news story below:

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