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Never Forget These 11 Absolutely Unnecessary SkyMall Food Objects

SkyMall files for bankruptcy.

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Beloved airplane catalogue/high in the sky shopping enabler SkyMall has filed for bankruptcy, leaving the world to wonder, Where will we turn for bottle openers shaped like high heels decorated like the Yankees uniform now? In honor of the great mall in the sky, 11 unforgettable food and beverage knick-knacks from SkyMall. PSA: Some items still appear to be for sale on

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1. Italian Replica Globe Bar ($189.00)

For the touch of colonialism every home library needs:

"Opening from its hinged meridian to reveal artistically hand-painted interior frescoes reminiscent of domed ceiling contraspecto ("view from the heavens"), our Toscano-exclusive work of furniture art boasts secure spots for your treasured bottles and glasses." (Link)

2. Sports Team Bottle Openers ($17.99)

Because ladies like sports too or something.

"A mini shoe decorated with your covered favorite team's colors and logo fits comfortably in your hand and allows you to open your favorite bottled beverages." (Link)

3. Mischievous Moose Bottle Holder ($32.99)

Rustic charm meets Pinot Grigio shouting match.

"Bring some whimsy into your home with this playful animal bottle holder. This Ceramic moose holds one standard wine bottle in its mouth while it balances on its back. It's a fun way to add character to any decor. Give it with a bottle of wine and you'll delight your host." (Link)

4. Grillight LED Grill Light / Spatula ($24.95)

You can't grill what you can't see.

"Whether you're in the backyard grilling or at your favorite campsite, you can have all the light you need to cook as easily as if you were in your kitchen with this handy spatula that features a built-in LED light. The Grillight is designed with a warm light that accurately represents the color of the food." (Link)

5. The Suzie Kuzy Beer Mitt ($14.95)

Beer. Mitt. Beer. Mitt. Beer. Mitt.

"This reimagined koozie is worn like a glove, keeping your beverage cool without the requisite frostbite. Great for the big game, tailgating, camping and more. Get several for gifts." (Link)

5. Dog Breed Toaster ($44.95)

What? I kind of want this. It's cool.

"A 'toast' to man's best friend.Make a sandwich or enjoy your morning eggs with a little doggie decoration." (Link)

6. Sippy Wine Glass ($19.95)

Someone run and find the Real Housewives cast members.

"When standing and noshing, juggling a glass of wine can be challenging. Enter this acrylic wine glass with a no-spill sippy lid. Ingenious!" (Link)

7. Personalized Cell Fone Flask ($19.99)

Flashing back hard to 2001.

"You can't dial out but you can enjoy what's inside our whimsical personalized Cell Fone Flask. Small enough to fit in any pocket and easily mistaken for the real thing!" (Link)

8. Coors Light Pub Table ($239.95)

Sticky floors not included.

"This Coors Light Pub Table is the perfect for your Game Room on Game Night." (Link)

9. Pillow Cake Pan Set ($49.99)

Nothing says romance like a DIY pillow cake.

"Create a romantic tiered wedding cake in a classic ring pillow shape. Stack the tiers for a dramatic presentation that looks sensational with fondant. Use each pan twice to achieve the full pillow effect." (Link)

10. Snow Cone Maker ($130.00)

Also doubles as a man cave dust collector.

"With the Waring Pro SCM100 Snow Cone maker all you need is ice and flavored syrup to enjoy fun, icy treats at home, any time!" (Link)

11. Horse Coaster Set ($57.00)

These would go so well with your horse posters!

"Accent your home with your favorite purebred. Animal and pet lovers meet timeless elegance in a quartet of coasters crafted from tumbled Italian Botticino Marble. These little works of art are reflective of Leonardo da Vinci's classic style, and the tumbled marble and hand finishing adds old world charm." (Link)