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Pope Francis Is Now a Sommelier

He was granted an honorary diploma as a sommelier from the Italian Sommelier Association.

Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Not only does Pope Francis have a weak spot for ice cream, he also enjoys a glass of wine from time to time. According to Breitbart, yesterday the Pope received a visit from Franco Maria Ricci, president of the Italian Sommelier Association, along with a delegation of 180 wine producers, vintners, sommeliers, and wine writers. The Pope took a moment during the reception to deny rumors that he was a teetotaler, "I drink a little wine from Italy and other countries from around the world. But just a little." Soon after, Ricci granted Pope Francis honorary designation as a sommelier.

Does this mean offering communion will now be considered beverage service? Or will the Pope consider turning water into wine for special occasions?

Ricci later told the press he was "relieved" to hear that the Pope drank wine. "For us producers, sommeliers and vintners, it is an important honor and an encouragement for our work."

Though he's no lush, Pope Francis has encouraged wine drinking in public before. Last year, he made news when he said at an event, "Without wine, there's no party." Sounds like an ideal papal party would include dulce de leche cakes, ice cream, cheese-filled risotto, and just "a little" wine.