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Prisoner Says Khmer Rouge Guards Drank Cannibal Wine

They believed drinking wine made with gallbladders would make them brave.


A survivor of Cambodia's infamous and awful Killing Fields alleges that Khmer Rouge prison guards used to drink wine infused with human organsAccording to the Cambodia Daily, former detainee Meas Sokha testified to a tribunal formed to investigate the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge regime this week about what he saw while held in the Kraing Ta Chan prison. Sokha explains, "Whenever there were killings, the guards would drink wine with a gallbladder. I could see gall bladders drying in the sun and I knew these were from human beings." Once the gall bladders were dried, they were mixed with wine which was later consumed by the guards to "boost their courage for further killings.

While the Khmer Rouge human organ-infused wine consumption took place in the 1970s, cannibalistic acts unfortunately still occur today. Three people went on trial in Brazil in November for murdering women and using the flesh to make empanda-like pastries. The trio not only ate the pastries themselves, but sold them to neighbors. Just a month before, an Australian chef killed and dismembered his girlfriend and cooked parts of her body before running from the police and taking his own life.