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Blue Moon®: White IPA Hunt

Everyone knows Blue Moon Brewing Company® for their signature brew, Blue Moon® Belgian White*. They've been brewing it for twenty years.

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Blue Moon® continues to push the envelope in the craft beer world by experimenting and releasing inviting new beers with a Blue Moon® twist. So it's no surprise that Blue Moon® has partnered with Eater to bring an impeccable new beer to our fans, way ahead of its official launch.

Blue Moon® White IPA will be available in limited quantities at the end of January 2015 (and hitting shelves nationwide beginning in April). It's a new, bold style with influence from a Belgian-Style Wheat Ale and an IPA to create a hoppy, unfiltered, yet balanced taste.

You aren't going to want to miss a first sip of this brew when it hits your city, so keep your eyes on Eater for more exclusive facts and details on where and when to find Blue Moon® White IPA over the next week.

Belgian-Style Wheat Ale