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McDonald's Is Still Serving Pizza — at Exactly Two Locations

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A "relic" from the '90s is on the menu in Ohio and West Virginia.

Jason Meredith/Flickr

An enterprising Canadian journalist/apparent McDonald's fan has done the exhaustive research to discover that pizza is still on the menu at select McDonald's locations — exactly two locations in the U.S., to be exact. reports McDonald's franchise owner Greg Mills is serving McPizzas, a menu item launched in the late '80s and abandoned by the late '90s. The oft-eulogized menu item can be found at Mills' McDonald's stores in Pomeroy, Ohio, and Spencer, West Virginia (the former still serves it in both "family size" and personal-pan-pizza sizes). According to an employee contacted by, the West Virginia location had sold a whopping 13 pizzas the previous day, though she notes that "there are days when everyone wants pizza."

According to McDonald's lore, most franchises abandoned pizza due to their longer cook time — 11 minutes — which went against the chain's "fast food" ethos. Ironically, it's a balance the chain is still struggling with: While McDonald's has announced plans to add a "build-your-own burger" option to some locations, some franchise owners have recently criticized the chain for an overly complicated menu that's slower to serve.

And though it's unlikely the McPizza will be a true comeback of any sorts, somebody should tell these guys that their nostalgic fast-food prayers have already been answered.

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