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Hooters Plans to Build a Global Breastaurant Empire

The chain will unleash 30 new locations across Southeast Asia.


Iconic breastaurant chain Hooters is spreading their brand of orange hot pants and wings across Southeast Asia. According to a press release, the chain plans to open 30 locations throughout the region over the next six years. Soon, Hooters will invade Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Macau. There's already a location in Phuket, Thailand, with plans for more.

Perhaps the Hooters Asia locations will become a hotspot for politicians as they have stateside: Last July, news broke that Illinois' Democratic state representative Thaddeus Jones and his political committees expensed a total of $8,800 at Hooters since 2009.

Hooters could also become a great new hangout for middle schoolers: In 2011, a group of eighth graders from Pennsylvania ended up dining at the chain because the group of 100 students was too big for every other restaurant nearby. And in 2013, a middle school football coach was fired for planning a team dinner at the breastaurant.