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For Only $3,000 You Can Have Shelves Touched by René Redzepi

There are only 12 units available.

Wahl & Ross

So what if you couldn't score tickets to the Noma Japan pop-up? So what if you couldn't convince this woman to give your her extra one? So what if you didn't get to eat local ants and clam tarts while gazing out on the Tokyo skyline? You have the chance at something better. Something that will last longer than a multi course meal. Something that lasts forever. It's possible to buy shelves from the pop-up, touched by the divine being of Danish foraging himself, chef René Redzepi.

According to a press release, the shelves — which apparently incorporate "pieces of both Nordic and Japanese history" — are designed by Danish crafters Wahl&Ross and made from Kebony wood. The release explains: The shelves' "strength is derived from the use of rope bracing and tightening techniques rediscovered from the maritime explorers and Vikings of the Nordics, while the timber lashing technique used is inspired by historic Japanese craft." The limited-edition shelves are currently being used to store an assortment of culinary tools at the pop-up.

Once Noma closes shop in Japan, interested parties with expensive taste in shelving can buy one of the 12 units for a mere $2,980 (plus shipping). Move over Ikea, there's a new nordic furniture company in town.