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Man Gets Ticket for Eating McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder While Driving

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He's got some serious beef with the police.


Everyone knows you should never drink and drive, but in the state of Georgia, you probably shouldn't eat while driving, either. According to Fox News, police cited Alabama-resident Madison Turner just outside of Atlanta last week for driving while eating a McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder (DQP) with cheese. Turner says the officer who gave him the ticket told him that he had been eating the cheeseburger for two miles, adding, "You can't just go down the road eating a hamburger."

WLWT writes that Turner violated Georgia's distracted driving law. A traffic lawyer tells Fox that the distracted driver law does not explicitly mention food: "It says only that drivers can't engage in actions that distract them from operating a vehicle safely. Turner also argues that "for most of us, I think we can safely eat a burger and drive our car at the same time." He's set to appear in court on February 3 to fight what essentially is a DUI for a DQP.

Georgia isn't the only place that can ticket someone for eating while driving: California law also prohibits eating while driving, and states like New Jersey and Illinois are cracking down on eating while driving offenses.