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Armed Robbers Target Food Delivery Drivers in Chicago

Police have not made any arrests yet.


Being a food delivery driver is already hard enough: Drivers are often stiffed tipsrun the risk of accidents, and even face car jackings all to deliver fresh, hot food. Now, according to the Chicago Tribune, armed robbers are targeting restaurant delivery drivers in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood. Starting last week, a group of four 16- to 20-year-olds wearing black skullcaps and hooded sweatshirts began robbing drivers in the area. The crimes took place around 9 p.m.

Perhaps residents should skip pizza delivery night until the perpetrators are caught.

Delivery drivers are having issues in other parts of the country as well: Earlier this month in Atlanta, a Papa John's driver walked into what is believed to be a set up for a carjacking and heist. When she arrived at the address a man approached her car, pulled a gun out, and forced her to the ground. Fortunately, she survived: The driver reached into her pocket, pulled out her gun, and shot the man in the face. Best of all, she was allowed to keep her job.