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Gordon Ramsay Loses Lawsuit, Must Pay $1.2 Million Annual Rent

Ramsay claims his signature was forged on the lease.

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Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay is probably feeling extra shouty today. The Globe and Mail writes that a judge ruled this week that he is "personally liable" for the $1.2 million in annual rent owed on the York & Albany pub in London. Last month, Ramsay appeared in court and accused his father-in-law Christopher Hutcheson of using a "ghost writer machine" to forge his signature on a 25-year-long rental agreement.

Ramsay even told the judge that he felt like a "performing monkey."

The chef hoped that the judge would "grant a declaration that the rental guarantee is not binding" because Ramsay's signature was used without his consent. Ramsay even told the judge that he felt like a "performing monkey" because while he worked all day and night while his father-in-law just sat around "getting up to no good."

The judge bestowed no sympathy upon Ramsay however, and ruled against him. The ruling cites that when the lease was signed, Hutcheson — who used to be Ramsay's business manager — "was acting within the general authority conferred on him by Mr. Ramsay." According to the Associated Press, Ramsay must give the pub's owner an interim payment of $380,000 and pay a hefty sum in legal fees.

The two have a history rife with bad blood: Ramsay fired Hutcheson in 2010 for "gross misconduct" and accused him of stealing nearly $2.2 million, hacking his computer, and putting non-working family members on payroll.

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