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NYC's Dig Inn to Bring its 'Farm-to-Counter' Fare Nationwide

The health food restaurant raised $15 million in a recent round of funding.

Dig Inn/Facebook

New York City-based fast-casual health food mini-chain Dig Inn is poised for national expansion. According to a press release, the company raised $15 million in a recent round of funding. It plans to use the investment to open a slew of new locations.

In 2015, Dig Inn could grow from 10 outlets to 18. Entrepreneur magazine writes that the first location outside of NYC will most likely open in Boston, but founder Adam Eskin says that "any major urban center on the East Coast is a possibility."

Founded three years ago, Dig Inn considers itself to be a "farm-to-counter" restaurant chain. The restaurant is truly obsessed with the freshest ingredients, as proven by chef Daniel Angerer's track record: Before joining the team at Dig Inn, Angerer served cheese made from his wife's breast milk at the the now-shuttered Klee Brasserie.

Last year, Dig Inn opened four new NYC locations, including a flagship which offers local beer and wine on tap and features an open kitchen. The concept appears to be successful: Entrepreneur notes that the chain has a "cult-like following" and has nearly $21.5 million in total funding. Here's to hoping the newest locations are boob cheese-free.