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Family Accidentally Charged Nearly $10,000 for a Chicken Dinner

"It's good chicken, but it's not that good."

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One family was accidentally charged thousands of dollars for their meal at rapper Wiz Khalifa's favorite chicken chain, Nando'sAccording to the Telegraph, the family was dining at a location in London and had ordered £62.35 ($95.75 USD) worth of chicken and french fries.

But when the customer went to pay, the credit card machine displayed £6,235.88 ($9,580 USD) instead — and the oblivious customer paid the full amount. Luckily for his bank account, a staff member at the restaurant noticed the error and refunded the difference before the family left. The man tells the paper: "I can't believe the most expensive meal of my life was at Nando's. It's good chicken, but it's not that good."

In November, a restaurant in Tennessee accidentally charged diners anywhere between $8,000 and $99,000 for their meals thanks to a credit card glitch. One customer was charged $27,000 for $27 worth of chicken parmesan and beer. Unfortunately the errors were not caught before the customers left the restaurant, so the restaurant had to help pay for customers' overdraft feeds.