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World's Worst Waiter Writes N-Word on Check; Does Not Apologize

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He was fired immediately.

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Maybe this year people should resolve to stop writing racist notes on receipts. According to KHOU, six black friends went to dinner at Shatila Lebanese Grill in Arlington, Texas to celebrate the New Year. But the night ended in on a bitter note when the group received receipts labeled with the N-word.

The friends say that the waiter did so after they asked for separate checks. The group claims that they tried to pull the the server to the side to "ask him politely about the receipt." When they did, the waiter attempted to downplay the situation saying that he "didn't mean anything by it." A member of the group tells the news channel that he really hated being labeled: "This is what they identified us as, and not the three girls and three guys." Mike Salame, the owner of the restaurant, was quick to apologize noting that he was incredibly embarrassed. Salame also notes that he reached out to the group of friends to profusely apologize.

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USA Today writes that the server — who has only worked there for a week — had already had two complaints lodged against him and this was the third, so Salame fired him. He notes, "It's very very improper. There is no exceptions at all. That's why when I found out, on the spot, I terminated him...on the spot." As for the apathetic waiter, who was only identified as Ragheed, all he had to say about the situation was simply "my bad."

Sadly, this sort of move appears to occur in restaurants frequently. Just a couple of weeks ago, a sports bar in Pennsylvania wrote "nigga" on a customer's check but claimed that it was meant to be a joke. The customer was not amused.

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