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Customer Claims Pizza Hut Served Him Water Laced With Detergent

The chain says it's investigating the matter.


A Pizza Hut in India may be in some hot water over, well, water. According to the Mumbai Mirror, Avinash Pai claims that he was served water laced with dishwashing detergent while dining at a location in Mumbai. Pai tells that he paper that he felt "nauseated" as soon as he drank the water, which was "not only foul smelling but extremely pungent and bitter." He had managed to take a few gulps before the awful taste kicked in and he spat out the rest.

Supposedly when Pai asked a waiter why his water tasted so wrong, the waiter explained that it might have been poured from a jar that contained lemonade. But Pai didn't believe him and instead went to the manager who apparently eventually admitted that there might have accidentally been some dishwasher detergent in his water. Pai then went to the police and has now gotten the FDA involved in the matter.

A Pizza Hut spokesperson tells the paper that chain maintains "high quality and hygiene standards to ensure food safety at all stages of preparation" and that they are currently investigating the matter. Perhaps Pai should stick to Burger King from now on: They appear to have awesome— and detergent free — Whoppers.

Pai unfortunately isn't the first person to be served drinks mixed with harmful chemicals, but he is lucky in comparison. In 2014, a woman was hospitalized after drinking iced tea at a Dickey's in Utah that had been accidentally laced with a lye-based cleaner.

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