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Gamble Your Way to a Free Meal at London Poker Pop-Up

And enjoy a pun-filled poker-inspired dinner.

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That pricey poker habit might just work out in your favor: According to the Independent, a restaurant in London is allowing diners to pay for their meals based on their success at the poker table. Pop-up restaurant All-In Kitchen will set up shop at Jones & Sons from January 19 until January 21 to celebrate the start of the UK and Ireland Poker Tour.

Meals at All-In Kitchen cost £50 ($75 USD) per person, but diners have the chance to play three hands of poker to cover their meals. Those who win 10,000 chips or more get their meal for free. The Telegraph adds that those who finish with between 5,000 to 10,000 chips will only have to pay £5 ($7.50 USD), and if diners dip below 5,000 chips, it's £10 ($15 USD). For the first time, losing all your chips may still leave a good taste in your mouth.

The pop-up is apparently the "world's first ‘Pay-By-Poker' restaurant" and the menu definitely reflects that. It's rife with pun-filled dishes: The poker-inspired offerings include a "Royal Flush of King Crab Thermidor" and a "2 Pair of Pear Tarte Tatin." The "Millionare's Tart" is made with salted carmel and whiskey cream, and a cocktail called "The Raise" is crafted with house-smoked rum, grilled orange, and orange liqueur. Finally, a restaurant that just might be worth betting on.