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Chef David Chang Invents the "Ramlet," the Instant Ramen-Flavored Omelet

Noodles not included.

The recently launched Lucky Peach website introduced a new video series called "People Cooking Things." First up, Momofuku chef David Chang with a series of videos about ramen, dashi, and Chinese chicken noodle soup.

Notably, Chang shows the world how to make a Ramlet. What is a Ramlet? That would be a ramen omelet, or the optimal hangover food. Chang whips up the creation using instant ramen, which involves mixing the seasoning packet (which is basically "just salt") with three eggs and stirring the concoction with chop sticks while it fries. The fancy French omelet is then stuffed with scrambled eggs. When it comes to breakfast stunt foods, is the Ramlet the new Cronut?