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Meet Toast, a New Annual British Food Mag

It features neither recipes nor restaurant reviews.


There's a stunning new food periodical on indie bookstore shelves, and it's called Toast. London-based writer and editor Miranda York turned to Kickstarter to fund her British culinary magazine and managed to raise over $36,000. Yahoo Food notes that no recipes or restaurant reviews are to be found in the annual magazine, just long-form essays about "all things both British and culinary."

York tells Yahoo that she chose to launch print over digital — even though its more costly — because she wanted to "create something timeless, something people would collect." The first issue includes stories on subjects like the late journalist Michael Bateman, fish and chips, and the British obsession with "crisps," or "chips" for American readers. The magazine will cost U.S. readers $23 per issue, plus shipping — which is about the same as the price of artisanal toast these days.

For the next issue, York plans on commissioning more "non-food writers" to write about food. For those that aren't a fan of the price tag, Toast will be launching "editorial on the website" very soon, although the content will be "completely different" from the magazine. Toast joins a now lengthy list of food-focused, indie-style periodicalsincluding Cherry Bombe and Lucky Peach. Have a look inside Toast, below:

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