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Chef Michael Voltaggio's Breaking Borders to Premiere March 15

The show takes Voltaggio and co-host Mariana van Zeller to conflict zones around the globe.

Rachel Murray/Getty Images

Chef and Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio's new Travel Channel show Breaking Borders officially has a premiere date. As revealed in October, the thirteen-episode series features Voltaggio and Peabody Award-winner correspondent Mariana van Zeller as they travel to "conflict zones" around the world. A press release notes that together, the two "gather people from all sides of the conflict to a delicious meal and talk about the issues that divide them."

First up, Voltaggio and van Zeller travel to Israel and Palestine "to take a closer look at the mother of all conflicts." There they spend time in both Jerusalem and the West Bank. The two host a dinner and invite people from both sides to eat: Voltaggio cooks up his "first kosher dinner" with local spices, flavors, and traditions.

Throughout the season, the pair will travel to places like Belfast to understand the war in Northern Ireland, and to Cairo, Beirut, and Sarajevo. They will travel to Cuba, Arizona and Mexico, Myanmar/Burma, Rwanda, and Sri Lanka as well. Breaking Borders premieres Sunday, March 15.