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The Great Chipotle Carnitas Famine of 2015 May Soon End

Your thoughts and prayers have lifted Chipotle out of darkness and into the pork-filled light.


The Great Chipotle Carnitas Famine of 2015 appears to be coming to a close, thanks in part to the porky saviors over at Niman Ranch. Earlier this week, Chipotle announced that nearly a third of all locations nationwide had stopped serving pork. This was due to one of its suppliers failing to meet an "unspecified requirement" relating to the chain's "responsibly raised" meat standards. Soon after, the burrito behemoth announced an abrupt pork shortage.

Business Insider writes that Niman Ranch — another one of Chipotle's meat suppliers — is stepping up to fill the carnitas shaped hole in every burrito bowl lover's heart. The company increased its pork shipments to Chipotle this week by 15 to 20 percent. To do so, Niman Ranch is "dipping into its pork reserves" to increase the short-term shipments. The company is also looking into speeding up how quickly it can recruit new hog farmers.

But that still won't be enough pork to satisfy meat fiends around the nation: Niman Ranch and Chipotle are looking into using "different cuts of meat" for the chain's carnitas. There's no word on when exactly carnitas will make their big comeback, but until then, there's always the tofu sofritas, we guess.