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Watch Besties Anthony Bourdain and Ludo Lefebvre Get Matching Tattoos


The Taste/THR

Culinary explorer/In-N-Out fan/host of The Taste Anthony Bourdain and fellow show host/LA-based chef Ludo Lefebvre have gotten matching tattoos. Naturally, they opted for tattoos of The Taste's logo. Bourdain joked to Lefebvre as the tattoo artist began, "He's using a special, extra-blunt needle that I bought myself. I bought it in Eastern Europe from a very reputable vendor. They said it was clean."

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Bourdain and Lefebvre tried to convince co-host Nigella Lawson to get a matching tattoo as well, but she wasn't having it, "I said to them, I don't mind getting a [fake one], like when I was a child." Clearly, Lawson is a party pooper. Watch the two men grit their teeth through the pain: