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Captain Picard Terrified by Prospect of Eating Pizza with His Hands

Sir Patrick Stewart was 22 before he knew pizza existed.

Last night on the Conan show, Sir Patrick Stewart/Captain Picard stopped by to chat with host Conan O'Brien when the subject of pizza came up.

"There was a big misunderstanding about this. Of course I've had pizza before! But that was my first slice. I had never gone into a pizza restaurant before and asked for a slice. I didn't know such a thing existed."

Conan is aghast: How could Stewart, one of the world's most acclaimed actors, at the worldly age of 72, have never had a slice of pizza before? Conan says, "Don't tell me you've been using a knife and fork all these years..." Watch as Stewart guiltily admits that he knows using utensils to eat a slice of pizza is "a social abhorrence," but does it anyway.

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