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Which of These Six Food-Delivery Apps Wins the Lunch Race?

The Forbes office orders lunch to engage in an "app battle."

Screengrab: Forbes

Six staffers at Forbes magazine turned one of their weekday lunches into a race to see which food-delivery app "delivers the fastest and tastiest lunch for the best price." In the video, San Francisco-based staffers ordered from three services that make their own food in-house — Sproonrocket, Sprig, and Thistle — as well as familiar restaurant delivery services Caviar and GrubHub. One staffer used Postmates, an independent delivery/courier service, to order a meal from a restaurant. Then they waited.

The group timed how long each delivery took (Thistle won that race, with lunch arriving in just 25 minutes; Postmates came in last, at more than an hour), and judged their meals based on taste and convenience, including factors like whether or not proper utensils arrived along with the meal. Overall, the three services that made their meals in-house emerged on top: Spoonrocket and Thistle were crowned the best options. Of the restaurant options, GrubHub beat out Caviar despite "all the delivery minimums" on GrubHub that limited ordering options. Go, watch the "app battle" unfold.

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