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Chipotle Blames Supplier's 'Standards Violation' for Its Ongoing Pork Shortage

Everybody panic: About one-third of all Chipotle locations are not serving carnitas.

John Nunemaker/Flickr

Earlier today, Eater DC reported several city locations of Chipotle Mexican Grill were experiencing pork shortages, with signage blaming "supply constraints" for the lack of carnitas. This afternoon, Chipotle confirmed to the Associated Press that 1/3 of all Chipotle locations nationwide are currently not serving pork, after one of its pork suppliers failed to meet an unspecified requirement relating to the chain's "responsibly raised" meat standards. A spokesperson told the AP that Chipotle became aware of the "violation" during a routine audit, and that he was not sure how long the internal pork shortage would last.

Chipotle fans in the Twitterverse have noted that locations in Pittsburgh, Ohio, and Ontario, Canada are among those affected. According to the Chipotle rep, the supplier's current suspension can be overturned if it remedies the problem.