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Hangry Brings Out the Worst In Hungry, Angry People

Need food now? This app can help.

Do you get angry when you get hungry? There's an app for that and it's called Hangry. Tell your phone how many people you need to feed, the type of food you want, and then click the big red "Hangry" button. A top-secret algorithm then spits out an order. A press release explains, "It's like hitting Shuffle on a giant playlist but instead of a song, you get food from a restaurant near you."

If you don't like the order the app generates, you can swipe — it's just like Tinder too! — and a new order will appear. Happy with the order suggestion? Checkout and the order will be delivered to your door. It's like Pizza! But possibly better. (The app, developed by EAT24, is not affiliated with the Canadian app of the same name — that Hangry, currently testing in Toronto, allows its users to pre-pay for meals and skip the line when picking up their food.)

Seamless: it looks like someone just made the process of ordering delivery even more seamless.