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Tech-Obsessed TGI Fridays Swaps Server Notepads for Tablets

The chain hopes it will regulate the pace of orders sent to the kitchen.


Yet another chain is riding aboard the tablet express: According to a press releasedrone-loving chain TGI Fridays deployed Microsoft tablets at a handful of its restaurants this month. The tablets will be used to "quickly and accurately process orders and payments" while customers are still at the table.

Unlike at other chains the tablet is not designed for guests. Instead, the tablets are for servers who will "carry their tablets from table to table to take orders" and respond to guests requests. The press release notes that TGI Fridays believes the system will "improve the table wait time" as well as help regulate the pace of orders sent to the kitchen. While many argue that tablets at tables may replace servers in the future, TGI Fridays says giving the technology to servers preserves "the experience they can offer guests," while still speeding up ordering.

The chain tested a pilot program in six cities across Texas and Minnesota and will begin using the technology in 80 more restaurants by March.

TGI Fridays is the first national chain to offer tablets to its servers, a move that could be a boon for its business. Though tablets are an expensive investment, it's easy to see how many steps are saved if the server holds the POS system in the palm of his or her hand.

Let's just hope TGI Fridays doesn't allow the tablets to control their drones or there may be more bloody accidents in the future.

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