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The Juice Start-Up No One Needs Apparently Raised $120 Million

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It's called Juicero and Campbell's Soup is an investor.


Silicon Valley's start-up du jour is all about green juice and it's racking up plenty of dough. Called JuiceroBusiness Insider writes that the secretive start-up has raised nearly $20 million since October of 2013 and is currently in the midst of another $100 million funding round. (Perhaps they can use some of that money to come up with a name that doesn't sound like it was created by a three-year-old.) Alleged investors include Google Ventures and Campbell's Soup. Apparently the CEO of Campbell's Soup "tried the juice and ran back to cut a $10 million check."

So what about Juicero's product makes it so great? They claim to take the concept of farm-to-juicer very seriously. According to Juicero, the fruit and vegetables found in stores isn't all that "fresh": Most produce is picked a "week or two before the store receives it." Instead Juicero will possibly have its own farm so that it can hand-pick the fruit right before it's shipped — in a special pouch, of course. Customers are then supposed to take the produce and run it through a "contraption that's sort of like a coffee Keurig."

Sources tell Business Insider that the juice is like "freshly pressed juice" (because it is?) but "better," whatever that means. We'll just take their word for it. Geek Wire notes that Juicero plans launch by year's end.

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