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Watch This Parody of McDonald's Maligned Golden Globes Commercial

Carry on, "New Anus Burger."

McDonald's new, supposedly inspiring "Signs" ad, which aired during last night's Golden Globes telecast, has already gotten its share of social media criticism. And now, here comes a parody from YouTube user Signlover 15 (via Eat Like a Man) that highlights some cringe-worthy mistakes that have appeared on McDonald's signage. Like the original ad — which highlighted McDonald's courageous support of homecoming troops and breast cancer awareness — the parody uses a children's choir cover of "Carry On" to get its message across. Namely: Past McDonald's signs have inadvertently advertised for a "New Anus Burger" and the fact that "Saying your kids are fat because of us... is like saying it's Hooters fault your husband likes big tits." Go, watch the parody above.