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People in Los Angeles Are Going to Wine Raves Now

Sure, why not?

Paulina Spencer/Flickr

Forget well drinks and flavored-vodka shots: The first-ever wine rave, aka a rave that serve wine shots instead of harder alcohol, has launched in Los Angeles. Munchies reports downtown LA nightclub Honeycut hosted its inaugural wine rave event earlier this week, with sommeliers Adam Vourvoulis (of Trois Mec) and Maxwell Leer (Bestia) acting as event hosts. According to Wine Rave's official website, Vourvoulis and Leer urge guests to "free yourself from color; its sensation as pleasure; as life," presumably while dancing to Top 40 music and sipping wine.

Wine Rave urges guests to "free yourself from color; its sensation as pleasure; as life."

According to Munchies' contributor Alison Stevenson, who attended the inaugural event, Wine Rave served shots of wines that were designated 98 points or higher by Vourvoulis and Leer, plus wine cocktails specifically designed to glow under blacklights. Attendance nets drinkers "WINE SHOTZZZ 4eva" and the opportunity to dance to a playlist featuring Lady Gaga and, ostensibly, '90s-alternative favorites Lit and Kid Rock.

The wine rave isn't an entirely new idea: The San Diego Wine and Food Festival has kicked off several of its annual festivals with its own "wine rave." But the Honeycut version comes with its own distinct sound. Writes Stevenson: "At around 1:30 AM, the DJ was playing Third Eye Blind and people were, yet again, not having it. I figured that it wasn't going to get any better than this, and decided to call it a night."