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Single Woman Promises Best First Date Ever at Noma Japan Pop-Up

She'll even pay for the guy's dinner and drinks.

Mandarin Oriental/Facebook

How does a first date at the sold-out Noma pop-up in Japan sound? That's what one San Francisco-based woman is offering one promising suitor. According to her blog Nerdgirl, 38-year-old Stephanie Robesky managed to snag a pair of tickets to Noma's pop-up at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Tokyo, but she unfortunately does not have a dining companion. The dinner will be in celebration of her 39th birthday and since — as she puts it — she will be "single and dateless," Robesky is looking for someone to be her date.

Incredibly, Robesky will pay for her companion's dinner and wine pairing. All the lucky guy has to pay for is his airfare and hotel. As long as you are a "properly single" male, between the ages of 28-46 who lives in the Bay Area that is "easy on the eyes" and "knows how to use a fork and knife properly," you could be eating clam tarts and chocolate-covered mushrooms in Tokyo at the end of the month. Who knows, you may find true love, too. Interested (and qualified) parties should apply right away; Robesky plans on picking a winner by January 16.