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Is Kim Jong-un Planning to Open a Restaurant in Scotland?

Rumor has it the North Korean leader wants to open a branch of his Pyongyang chain.

Rumor has it that North Korea's gout-infected, cheese-loving leader Kim Jong-un has plans to open a restaurant in Scotland. According to CNBC, there are reports floating around that Jong-un wants to open a branch of his Pyongyang chain — which serves Korean food — in Scotland. People point out that North Korea backed those who called for Scotland's independence, when Scots voted over the independence referendum. Plus, whisky is apparently incredibly popular in North Korea. Allegedly tourists are told to tip in booze instead of in currency.

Pyongyang is "known for being a lavish and expensive experience." Traditional Korean music plays in the dining room and the restaurants apparently serve items like dog soup. The restaurants are meant to "raise money and up the profile of the regime abroad." The Daily Record writes that Jong-un has already opened a location of Pyongyang in Holland in 2012, but it shut down and reopened under a new name.

The Independent notes that the Scottish restaurant may just be a rumor after all: An unnamed official at the North Korean embassy told the paper that the reports are "nonsense" and declined to comment any further.