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Drug-Laced Bread Sickens Dozens in California

Police are investigating the matter.

Rosa de Reyes.
Rosa de Reyes.

More than 40 people have fallen ill after eating tainted bread from a bakery in Santa Ana, Calif. According to the Los Angeles Times, police were notified by three different hospitals that people came into the emergency room "suffering from hallucinations and other symptoms." The one thing that all had in common was that they all ate a holiday sweet bread called Rosca de Reyes from Cholula's Bakery.

Police decided to open a criminal investigation into the bakery last week and found that the bread tested positive for "the presence of a synthetic drug" but would not reveal which one. To make matters worse, officials also found traces of a cockroach infestation at the the bakery.

Cholula's apologized on Facebook, writing that they are "ashamed" by the situation. KTLA writes that the bakery is not expected to reopen until "all open food and ingredients used to make the bread were disposed of, and staff completed professional restaurant-grade cleaning and received food training." Suddenly, a low-carb diet sounds pretty good.

Unfortunately, Cholula's isn't the first restaurant to spike a dish with drugs. Last year a noodle vendor in China admitted to adding powdered opium to his food in an effort to make his noodles truly addictive. See the local news story below: