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Why No One Is Lovin' McDonald's New Commercial

The ad was meant to demonstrate how much McDonald's cares about its community.

McDonald's so called "brand transformation" isn't going so well. The struggling chain announced a new campaign earlier this month that aims to place an emphasis on the "lovin'" aspect of its slogan, "I'm lovin' it." As part of the campaign, the golden arches aired a commercial this weekend attempting to show people how much the company cares about its community, according to AdWeek.

The ad features McDonald's locations that have used their roadside signs "to support, celebrate or otherwise acknowledge local and national events, both happy and tragic" set over a sappy version of a famous pop song sung by a children's choir. Phrases shown in the ad included the announcement of the birth of an employee's daughter and "Boston strong" from the days following the Boston Marathon bombing. (There's also a Tumblr to explain the signs.)

It's hard to take the ad seriously considering the chain at one point recommended that employees take on a second job to make ends meet. Meanwhile, many McDonald's employees have participated in the Fight for 15 protests, demanding a "living wage" of $15 per hour. Many on Twitter agreed with one user even tweeting: "McDonald's is presenting itself as the face of corporate kindness? PAY YOUR EMPLOYEES A LIVING WAGE."

Some took to photoshopping their own marquee phrases:

Others simply found the ad to be tasteless:

See the ad below: