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Panera Bans Guns in Response to Anti-Carry Campaign

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Panera Bread is the latest business to request that patrons refrain from bringing firearms into any of its restaurants. According to USA Today, the restaurant wants to create an environment "where customers and associates feel comfortable and welcome." Unless a guest is an "authorized law enforcement officer" the restaurant is asking that they leave their guns at home.

The chain is not completely banning guns however: NBC writes that Panera will not places signs about the topic in restaurants or ask "employees to enforce the new request." Panera is one of the first companies to "proactively" ask customers to not bring in firearms without a previous incident thanks to a campaign by anti-gun activist group Moms Demand Action. Chains such as Chipotle, Sonic, Chili's, and Jack in the Box have all announced policies this year asking gun owners to leave their firearms at home following demonstrations at the restaurants by Open Carry supporters.

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