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TipsForJesus Strikes Again With $5K Tip in Notre Dame

Serves in South Bend, Indiana are lucky they have a Notre Dame fan among the megatipping troup TipsForJesus: The anonymous over-tippers left a $5,000 tip at Legends of Notre Dame over the weekend, marking the third time they've overtipped at the college bar. In October 2013, TipsForJesus left two separate $5,000 tips to servers at Legends, causing a brief controversy when the bar "invalidated" the tips, thinking they were fraudulent. The servers in question eventually received the money.

TipsForJesus followers have often pointed out tipping sprees occur at college football bars, and in a December 2013 interview, the mystery tippers said that "We love college football, it's a great sport... As for specific teams, well, loyalties are divided, but we root for each others teams." In this most recent to Notre Dame, TipsForJesus added a $5K gratuity to a $368 bill.

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Legends at Notre Dame

54801 Juniper Rd, Notre Dame, IN 46556