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Watch Conan O'Brien Learn How to Make Ramen Burgers

Ramen burger inventor Keizo Shimamoto stopped by Conan last night to teach host Conan O'Brien how to talk about ramen. Shimamoto first teaches Conan how to make his famous ramen burger, which Conan promptly proclaims is a combination of the "two greatest things in the world." However, after Shimamoto refuses to reveal how he gets the ramen noodles into a patty shape ("It's my trade secret. I can't tell you"), Conan jokingly shouts: "Why did I put you on television?" Shimamoto then teaches Conan and his crew how to properly eat a bowl of ramen, offering up zen-inspired tips like, "You have to be one with the bowl." Go, watch Conan attempt to eat ramen:

Video: Ramen Burgers

Video: Proper Ramen-Eating Technique

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