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10 of the Most Relaxing Food GIFs on the Internet

Spend some time with these mesmerizing food GIFs — it's more relaxing than meditating or taking a prescription sedative.

Bouncing Jell-O is like a graceful ballerina doing a barre routine, but far more jiggly.

This cascading syrup waterfall is probably more zen than the real thing.

Imagine the soft crunch of a spoon breaking the sugar coating of creme brulee to be more therapeutic than cracking your knuckles. Or punching a wall.

The pliable, melty chocolate of this fresh-baked cookie are like your muscles after a good, hearty stretch. Let it out.

Happy childhood memories of warm kitchens, homemade meals, and neon orange cheese-product come flooding back.

Sushi dipped in soy sauce is reminiscent of a buoy bobbling on a calm sea, as observed from a lighthouse at dusk in late July.

Pizza sizzling under the light of an oven like the heat of the Caribbean sun. You're on vacation now.

Take a lead from this compound butter on an ear of corn: let your troubles melt away.

The fire's roaring, no bears are to be found, and the campground bathrooms are decent. Enjoy a s'more because this camping trip is a success.

The icing on the cake of your mega-relaxing day? The icing of this cake.

Let the baking of these cookies lull you to sleep then take a nap on their pillowy mounds.

Now wake up (gently). Bacon's ready.