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Diner Engulfed in Flames at Barbecue Restaurant in China

Three people are in intensive care after being accidentally lit on fire at a barbecue restaurant in China. According to Shanghaiist, a waitress at Haorizi, a barbecue bar, poured liquid alcohol directly over the grill on the table. It "burst into high flames which completely engulfed one of the customers." The waitress threw the bottle of alcohol away from herself but it landed on one of the diners — a 20 year college student — who suffered the most. Nearly 78 percent of her skin was "damaged by the fire." Another customer tells China Smack (translated) that her body was "scorched black."

The 20-year-old's dining companion also suffered from severe burns. The waitress was not as severely burned. Other diners came over an attempt to extinguish the flames but doctors say the 20 year old is still in critical condition. Find video below:

Video: Girl Engulfed by Flames

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