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Vegan Sausage Must Halt Canadian Distribution Due to Testing Concerns

Some restaurants are stockpiling the product, just in case.

Field Roast/Facebook

A line of vegan sausages made in Seattle has stopped distributing to Canada after it was informed it would have to adhere to standards placed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. CBC News reports the all-vegan Field Roast Grain Meat Co. objects to the CFIA's requirement that "simulated meat" products must be tested on live animals to determine its "Protein Efficiency Ratio." Owner David Lee says that as a vegan company, animal testing is against its policy, and he has appealed for an exemption.

According to CBC, restaurants are already reacting to Field Roast's distribution issues: In Vancouver, BC, vegetarian restaurant the Black Lodge is stockpiling the vegan sausages. Black Lodge chef/owner Claire Wyrostok says she's stocking her freezers with the product in hopes to tide over the temporary distribution lapse: "It's going to be a challenge to find something that we can make, that's good, that's as cheap as [Field Roast] was." Stateside, Field Roast's products are still readily available, including on the concessions menu at Seattle's SafeCo Field.

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