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Once in a Blue Moon, You Might Find Bright Green Chips in Your Lays Bag

In an era where Lay's is experimenting with unorthodox cappuccino and bacon mac & cheese flavored potato chips, the bright green barbecue-flavored chips that a user posted on Reddit yesterday might now seem out-of-character for the brand.

In fact, a self-identified Lay's employee on Reddit explained they looked like that on purpose, kind of: "Actually, these chips were dyed with green food coloring so they'd be easy to find coming out of the fryer. Several times a day the amount of time the chips spend in the fryer is tested, and this makes them easy to find. Someone missed them obviously."

Consumerist checked in with Lay's parent company PepsiCo and rep confirmed the Redditor's account: "The explanation provided by the self-identified employee is correct. We do use dyed chips to help test frying times of cooking oil in our manufacturing plants."

Electric Green BBQ is not a wacky new Lay's flavor. Yet.

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