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Suddenly, Jamie Oliver Wants You to Eat Rich, Delicious Comfort Food

The champion for healthy food wants you to enjoy rich dishes too. Sometimes.

Healthy school lunch advocate/world changer/baby-faced British chef Jamie Oliver joined comedian Stephen Colbert last night on The Colbert Report to promote his new book, Comfort Food: The Ultimate Weekend Cookbook, and dispel the notion that rich (fattening) foods should be avoided at all costs. Colbert on the recipes in Oliver's new book: "They're more than just comfort food, they're almost coma food." Oliver explains: "You can't make a healthy pie. It's impossible. You can't make a healthy dessert... but, for the love of God, you've got to eat that stuff," Oliver explains. Colbert confirms, "So if you're going to do it, don't half-ass it, go all the way."

The two men then pull out desserts from their childhood. Oliver presents a large bundt cake-shaped sticky toffee pudding. The audience cheers loudly when the giggling chef says he "fills the orifice," of the cake with toffee. Colbert then presents a blueberry cobbler, and Oliver nods in approval as the host serves it with finesse. Don't miss the long pause during which the men moan over dessert.

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