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North Korea's Kim Jong-un May Be Suffering From Cheese-Induced Gout

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Kim Jong-un is apparently a cheese fiend.

AFP/Getty Images

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has mysteriously been out of the public eye for nearly a month and many believe it's due to his over-the-top eating habits. According to South Korean paper Yonhap, Jong-un is suffering from gout, which is "caused by obesity, which results from a high-calorie diet, drinking, and a lack of exercise." The International Business Times writes that his gout may be a result of his love for for "high-quality cheese." Jong-un has been known to send "representatives around the world in search" of the best cheese.

Last night on the Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbertook aim at the gout-ridden North Korean leader and his fondness for cheese. Colbert quipped: "Kim's massive cheese consumption is all the more amazing when you consider that North Korea has yet to achieve cracker technology." Colbert notes that the North Korean leader's favorite cheese is Emmental ("You can tell it's Swiss because it tastes neutral and the holes can be used to store Nazi gold"). Colbert then sticks it to Kim Jong-un and bites into a huge wedge of Emmental ("That tastes like freedom"). Go, watch: